Usabilla X USA for UNHCR

Client Partnership: USA for UNHCR selects Usabilla to help launch their new website

Last month, USA for UNHCR invested in Usabilla to collect qualitative insights from their website users with the aim of improving the connection between donors and projects.

USA for UNHCR does fantastic work to protect refugees and people displaced by violence, conflict and persecution. The agency plans to launch their new website in Fall 2017, which is the motivation behind investing in user feedback. Usabilla will help USA for UNHCR collect the insights they need to continuously optimize the user experience. As a non-profit supporting UNHCR – the UN Refugee Agency – and its partners, the organization relies heavily on online donations. So, it’s imperative their online processes are as seamless as possible.

Rami Azzam, Director of Digital Marketing at the agency, explains, “Donor centricity is at the heart of our fundraising activities at USA for UNHCR. It is essential that we hear from our donors and supporters to help them make a bigger impact on the lives of refugees.”

The goal is to make sure mechanisms for contribution are meeting the needs of end users, while also ensuring their donors and supporters feel connected to the work that they make possible.

When it comes to the reason behind choosing the solution, Rami summarizes, “Usabilla offers an easy and flexible approach to collecting feedback on both specific [user experiences] and overall donor experiences. This allows USA for UNHCR to remain a top charity of choice for Americans wanting to help refugees.

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